My weight loss continues. I went to the gym on Tuesday and had my first weight-lifting day in a long time. I was so sore, though, that I didn’t go back on Thursday, and wanted to take an extra day Friday.

I plan to go back today (Saturday), and am okay with this, as the worst thing I can do now is injure myself.

The past week has been absolutely chaotic. I started leaning fairly heavily into an emerging eating disorder. A somatization had developed: when I would eat, I would feel violently sick a couple bites in. My food logs are a mess of tea-and-nothing, and my weight loss is probably unhealthy. The weight kept coming off, though, which gave positive reinforcement. A truly vicious circle, this. It looks now like I’m able to eat again, so this is good.

I’m losing at a rate of ~ 2 pounds per week, which is excellent, but I’ll need to be careful about eating enough food. I spent much of today sleeping, as this is something I’ve not been doing much of lately.

I’m eating. I’m sleeping. I think things are starting to improve against the backdrop of utter chaos.


Obvious Ketosis

I’m down ten pounds now.

I rode my bike to the gym, putting in a total of 3 miles. Unfortunately, I got caught up in asking how the machines could be adjusted and ended up doing just a bit of cardio today (walking on the treadmill … and biking, I suppose).

But I do have an appointment to start instruction (what they call personal training with unlicensed folks) tomorrow.

It’s pretty clear to me that I’m in full ketosis. I have no hunger drive any longer, and when I try to eat food–even delicious Indian food that my friend buys for me–I feel really sick after just a couple of bites. My nose tells me the food is delicious, but my stomach tells me that it wants no part of this. I’ll have to figure something else out; between sleeping a couple hours a night at best, and this, things are not going well here.

I’m on the “high-stress and tea” diet.

I feel compelled to point out: this is not something I’d recommend. This is how eating disorders get started. I just hammered down Indian food leftovers, rather quickly, hoping I would be able to food my system into taking more food in before feeling so sick. It seems to have worked. 

Small Steps

Day 1 in the 7 month workout challenge with Seven. #SevenApp

Even a Slug occasionally moves. I have decided upon working with Seven (an iOS app) to supplement weight lifting workouts. For those, I’m using GAIN Crosstrainer (another iOS & web app).

Never mind that I’m yet to lift weights, I thought I’d start by doing something. I bought the Strength and Stretch packs for $4, and today I stretched.

Not great progress, but much-needed progress all the same.

How do you stay motivated? Share below!

A Slow Start.



Today was difficult. I still feel thoroughly disheartened with recent events and irritated with how difficult last night’s fitness assessment was.

But I made and ate good food (slow-cooked grass-fed meat with an onion and a golden delicious apple) and got in some push-ups when “lie around in bed and hope I wake up from this nightmare” was all I thought I could muster. I’m trying to at least make small and consistent steps.

That’ll do, Slug. That’ll do.

About Last Night…

I finished a 6 minute @FitStar Session and burned 65 calories with 45s of Elbow Plank

I decided to take a fitness assessment through an app. I’ve been bouncing between about four iOS applications to look for a good routine, and a good tracking utility. (My other blog details this, but I’m very much a “tools-guy,” someone who seeks out the exact tool for the task at hand.)

So last night before bed I thought it important to move around a bit. I came across a fitness assessment and thought it seemed pretty basic—even I, even now, could do this. I finished, which was the good thing (though I do push-ups quite slowly, and ran out of time), but it was hellish.

It’s depressing to see that the simple action of jumping jacks leaves you winded after 45 seconds. More depressing because I have been in excellent shape in my life, and this is abysmal.

Yet I persist. The Slug abides.