Obvious Ketosis

I’m down ten pounds now.

I rode my bike to the gym, putting in a total of 3 miles. Unfortunately, I got caught up in asking how the machines could be adjusted and ended up doing just a bit of cardio today (walking on the treadmill … and biking, I suppose).

But I do have an appointment to start instruction (what they call personal training with unlicensed folks) tomorrow.

It’s pretty clear to me that I’m in full ketosis. I have no hunger drive any longer, and when I try to eat food–even delicious Indian food that my friend buys for me–I feel really sick after just a couple of bites. My nose tells me the food is delicious, but my stomach tells me that it wants no part of this. I’ll have to figure something else out; between sleeping a couple hours a night at best, and this, things are not going well here.

I’m on the “high-stress and tea” diet.

I feel compelled to point out: this is not something I’d recommend. This is how eating disorders get started. I just hammered down Indian food leftovers, rather quickly, hoping I would be able to food my system into taking more food in before feeling so sick. It seems to have worked. 


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