Slug In Bed

I have been sleeping terribly recently. Worse than usual. I wasn’t able to sleep without my girlfriend, and it appears that this fact remains, yet now with no end in sight.

It now nears 11am on a Thursday and I remain in bed, hoping that I’ll get more than a few hours’ sleep, but dreading that at some point I’ll have to give up and then face the day exhausted and mentally spent.

I have very good friends, but they are concentrated in two regions of the country, neither one of those here.

Before my 4.5-year-log relationship, I was in a ten-year-long marriage and relationship. I’ve never been good at dating or even making new friends. Research tells me that even having one “gym buddy” would be really useful and good, but I have nowhere to go to meet people, and have no idea what I can offer someone to want to be my friend.

At this point, I am left hoping for things to quickly resolve, but have no pathway there. I would hope to make at least an acquaintance or two, but no luck there. It all looks particularly bleak and totally beyond the realm of being assisted by fish oil.

Things are grim, and I see no way through. Little five-minute sessions that should be simple are monstrously difficult and leave me gasping. I am shocked and ashamed at how easily I tire and how little work I can actually accomplish. Things are bleak.


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